Archbishop Viganò is getting there, little by little

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Little by little it seems that Archbishop Viganò is heading in the right direction. Though he still thinks Bergoglio was validly elected, he now declares him an arch heretic.  So he has moved from the hoodwinkined and submissive to Bergoglio camp, to the camp of the Sediprivationists, who hold that a man can be pope but lose the authority of a pope. — A theological non sequitur, because it presupposes that two contraries are true at the same time of the same person, which is illogical.

Here is the citation of the comments of the Archbishop:

Our obedience has nothing to do with either fearful servility or with insubordination; on the contrary, it permits us to suspend any judgment on who is or is not Pope, continuing to conduct ourselves as good Catholics even if the Pope derides us, despises us, or excommunicates us: because the paradox does not lie…

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