To attack Pope Benedict XVI, De Mattei becomes an anomian

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The knives are all out at Rome for Pope Benedict XVI.

And some of them reach far across the Atlantic.

The so-called trad movement, which loved Benedict XVI for giving them the Latin Mass, but promptly forgot Benedict in the Canon of the Latin Mass at the end of February 2013, because they could not read Latin well enough to understand what he did on February 11, 2013, has in more recent years beaten the drums for Pope Benedict XVI’s execution by guillotine.

That is, they are counting the days to his death.

They think that his disappearance will prove their cause, by some sort of twisted logic. They have become some of the most ardent zealots of the Bergoglio is certainly the pope clan.

The latest of these is a piece of bluster and puff from Dr. Roberto De Mattei here at Rome. I know…

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