The clergy’s reaction to the COVID-19 stunt demonstrates their apostasy from Christ

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are a lot of holy Bishops and priests right now who are doing all they can to bring the Sacraments and God’s graces to the faithful during the world-wide Corona panic. And, sadly, most of the clergy do not realize the panic is a political stunt willed to promote the agenda of globalists.

However, the clergy who think the viral threat is real, are, apart from these courageous and heroic priests, showing themselves to be utter apostates from the Catholic religion, in this, that they are not reacting in any supernatural manner to the perceived threat.

This has palpably revealed to the entire world and to the Catholic Faithful, if they have eyes to see it, that Vatican II and all its reforms was just another stunt. All the propaganda to push the so-called reforms was promoted by a clergy who cannot even get the…

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