Anti-pope greeted by hordes of adoring followers

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The title of this editorial is deliberately sarcastic. Just look at the Featured Image above* which shows a completely empty Saint Peter’s Square. Something never before seen in the history of the the square, that is, in something like 1600 years.

What you are seeing is called the Church of Darkness. A Church which shuts down all the Sacraments, forbids the Catholic Faithful from attending, invents excuses for the necessity of the public acts of Catholic Religion and holds a prayer service in an empty piazza for the sake of journalists who will report it to the world.

You really cannot get more upside down and inside out of a Church than that!

Hopefully, you still have eyes to see the reality. If that is not the Church of Christ, then since Bergoglio is its visible head, he must not be the Vicar of Christ.


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