Now is the time to have Archangels on your side

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As Scripture recounts, there comes a time when the sins of mankind are just so great that God’s silence and merciful patience come to an end and He lets lose punishment.

God being of Infinite Power, His Punishments can be most terrible.

God being the Author of Nature can command the forces of the natural world to do things which are uncommon, unusually, apocalyptic and above all inescapable.

But there are some trials and punishments which can be avoided, even if God has decreed them for entire cities, peoples, nations etc..

We see this in the response to the prayer of Abraham, who being shown the destruction of the cities of the plain, asked God to show mercy. And that God in His Mercy sent 2 Angels to rescue Lot.

Who are those 2 Angels of Mercy?

We know from the Fathers of the Church that…

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