Trad inc. might soon wake up as Sedevacantists

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has just had a bad case of the winter flu. But no sooner did he recover, that he shook the hand with Bishop Delmas of Angers, who upon returning to France discovered he was positive for Corona Virus infection, which he brought to the Vatican.  Between Sunday past and March 27, the world should know whether Bergoglio has contracted Coronavirus. With only one lung, he would probably not liver longer than  a month after infection.

If Bergoglio dies, then it is highly probable that the Cardinals will not convene a Conclave during the national Quarantine in Italy, due to problems of border crossings and the fact that the Cardinals who do not want to come to Italy certainly will not suffer being left out of the Conclave. The sede vacante might go on for months.*

Under that scenario, those who believe Bergoglio is…

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